Rae Upton

Partner | Pilot

Rae has been operating drones for 5 years and is getting close to the 4000 flights mark. He is also a multi-camera director, who has been capturing some of the biggest Canadian concerts, live events and competitive reality from the front deck for almost 20 years. Rae’s time-honed ability to see beyond the next shot, integrate good design and to tell a story with every frame is only elevated by flying the Inspire and FPV rigs.

John "JD" Dynes

Partner | DOP

JD's background extends over 37 years as a Camera Operator, Assistant Director and Technical Producer for broadcast TV. With a love of everything technical and the introduction of operationally safer UAV’s, it was a natural fit for JD to start flying. Capturing beautiful frames and stunning video is what thrills and satisfies the artistic eye that is a daily obsession for JD.

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